Ping Post Works and Benefits 


Ping post is a powerful way to buy and sell leads. Whether you want to sell loans, insurance, mortgages, or any products or services, it can help a business meet its goals by creating yield optimizations. It is one of the best lead generation strategies that cost less money and time. With real time ping and post, you will be able to manage multiple lead sellers.

How to ping post works?

Ping post software sends a ping to the potential buyers, and the ping contains details of the lead without specifying any crucial information. For example, the ping containing a mortgage loan shows the lead’s credit score and the expected loan amount. The ping doesn’t include the name or phone number, or any details of the lead. After that, the lead buyer will receive a ping in their lead-bidding platforms by using filters and decide whether the ping should be accepted or not. If the lad buyer thinks that the lead is the right fit, they can bid on it. The highest bidder will get the lead through a post that shows all the information about the lead. After that, they can easily contact the lead and sale.

Why use ping post?

The main advantage of the ping post is that It allows the seller to maximize the revenue of every lead. With the help of the ping post system, the user gets the freedom to buy or sell the leads at the best price possible. Its ping post system can improve the lead quality seamlessly. Apart from that its offers many benefits such as:

  • Flexibility- with the help of real time ping and post, you don’t have to pay for every lead that comes to you. You can take advantage of the flexibility and decide which leads are worth your attention and money. This is a huge benefit as many leads are sold at fixed prices and in bulk. You won’t be able to see the crucial information until you have already paid. So it is important to use the right filters to make sure that you are bidding on quality leads.
  • Better leads- since you are only focused on leads that you feel are most qualified, your sales team won’t waste their time on poor-quality leads. The team can give their full focus and energy to the quality leads that are more likely to convert.
  • Better use of budget- if you have a low budget, you want to spend each penny in the best possible way. With real time ping and post, you won’t have to pay for many leads that have less potential to convert. In this way, you can stretch your marketing budget, and it will be more efficient for you.
  • Protect information, as we have mentioned earlier, and ping posts can protect the crucial information. Ping delivers only non-contact information that remains virtually anonymous. The buyer still receives the information that is needed to make the purchase. Full information is not given to anyone except the buyer who wins the bid. This will give a safe option to the lead industry as well.

Bottom line

As you can see how to ping, posting can add significant value to an organization but to get these benefits, and you will need the right ping post platform that meets your requirements. Make sure to keep your business needs in your mind while choosing the right platform. There are many platforms available in the market, so make sure to choose wisely.

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