Perspex Sheet For Soundproofing – Does It Work?


Unwanted sound can become a barrier in various activities; thus, people often look for reliable options for soundproofing. Consequently, soundproofing is an important requirement to prevent unwanted sound from entering a particular space. No matter whether you’re looking for soundproof partitions in your office cabins or soundproof windows at home to prevent outside noise from entering your house, a clear perspex sheet can be a reliable option for you.

You can easily use a piece of Opal Perspex sheet for your window. Installing these sheets is a DIY project which you can do by yourself. However, you can always look for perspex experts to help you with a better application. They will provide you with the best cut-to-size acrylic.

Perspex For Soundproofing

Acrylic sheets can be used efficiently for various applications, and soundproofing is one area where they are used by people all over the world. These sheets are not only lightweight, sturdy, tough, and strong but are also good for reducing outside noise.

It would be nice to utilize their potential to the fullest by using a metal frame. There are other benefits of using acrylic sheets, such as – it keeps out the daylight and is also easy to maintain.

Notable Features Of Perspex Sheet

Here are some features of clear perspex sheet that make it an easy, efficient, and convenient material used for soundproofing:

  • Efficient Sound Insulation

The noise reduction mechanism of acrylic sheet panels is to reflect rather than absorb sound. Even a 15-20 mm acrylic sheet can reduce about 32 to 35dB of noise. It allows multiple people to sit together while still being separated.

  • Efficient Weather Resistance

Acrylic is highly weather resistant. It works well in all types of weather conditions. It is capable of bearing high heat and cold waves. While general plastic sheets turn pale with the weather, perspex sheets are long-lasting. It is not just about sound reduction, but acrylic sheets can also be used for various other purposes due to their characteristics.

  • Unbeatable Transparency

Acrylic sheet has very high transmittance – 93%, which is higher than glass. The initial transmittance of acrylic sheets is very good compared to other plastics. This means, if you’re using it to part cabins in your office, you don’t have to install separate lighting sources for each cabin. At the same time, if you’re using acrylic windows at home, you can enjoy natural light too.

  • Easy To Install Or Use

Compared to glass, acrylic sheets are always more convenient to use or install. It is safe, easy to cut, and easy to carry from one place to another. At the same time, perspex is easier to clean and maintain than its counter products.

  • Good Impact Resistance

Acrylic sheet has good impact resistance, whereas glass is fragile and easily broken. You need to be very careful while using glass or other plastic-based products, but you can be worry-free with perspex sheets.

  • Light Weight

Clear Perspex sheet has a specific gravity that is 50% less than a glass and is much lighter in weight than a single glass. With this feature, acrylic products can be easily moved from one place to another.

Opal Perspex sheet is known worldwide for its lustre and remarkable impact resistance. Acrylic is also much stronger than polycarbonate, which is already one of the toughest materials available. The best thing that people don’t know about acrylic sheets is that it comes in many designs and patterns to meet your specific needs.

With all the features and soundproofing options, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that an acrylic sheet works efficiently to prevent unwanted sounds from entering your premises. You can get coloured sheets from the leading supplier of Wholesale POS for the retail display and advertising boards to get the designs and aesthetics.