Look at the Simple Steps to Clear Solar Panel

Cleaning photovoltaic moduls from pollen.

Many property owners rely on professional support for solar panel cleaning services to clean a panel easily. A solar panel is a necessary asset for many residential and commercial building owners to enjoy a clean source of energy. Little maintenance and cleaning help people gain unlimited benefits and save money on energy bills. Outdoor elements and weather changes can cause severe damage to the panel.

Cleaning is helpful for solar system users to run them at maximum efficiency. You can understand how a professional clean panel and improve lifespan. A properly cleaned solar panel produces more energy for a long time. When cleaning, professionals follow some guidelines to prevent the risk and danger.

Shut down the system completely:

Experts arrive at the property with the necessary tools and equipment for cleaning tasks. The system must shut down properly before cleaning the panel. Cleaners follow the shutdown procedure in the user manual or inverter operating manual. DC system must shut down to begin the solar panel cleaning task for increasing efficiency. Professionals switch off AC system through a solar supply main switch.

Cut off gutter and rainwater collections:

It is necessary to disconnect gutter and rainwater collections. If rainwater rank can install and connect to a gutter system, experts shut off them temporarily. It is better to prevent dirty water goes into the tank. Cleaners check everything and start a task without disturbance.

Prefer mild and cool times:

Experts often prefer to clean solar panels early morning and late evening. It is the best time to clean the panel without a mess. A combination of hot glass and cool water on the panel may enhance the chance of cracks. The solar panel also damages due to the sudden temperature change.

  • When hot weather is beating down on the panel, water use on the panel quickly evaporates.
  • It does not remove dirty marks and unwanted things.
  • Early morning and late evening is a good moments for cleaning.
  • Dew can settle on the panel overnight to soften grime and dirt.
  • In that scenario, professionals use less water and energy to clear everything in the panel.

If you don’t have time to clean the panel early, you can opt for late evening. The cool evening is a better time to start the cleaning activity and easily remove grime, dirt, and dust.

Start cleaning from the ground:

For safety concerns, professionals clean a panel from the ground. Cleaners follow safety measures to handle a panel and utilize a proper hose to direct water into a panel. Incorporate nose with ideal nozzle lets stream of water to reach panel perfectly.

Direct water to solar panel top:

Professionals direct water to the solar panel top and clean it from top to bottom. Water touches the panel back and clears unnecessary things. They never direct water to panels back intentionally. When directing water, they check the gap between the roof and panel.

Utilize a mild soap and soft cloth:

You can never need to invest money in fancy cleaning products for a solar system. Mild soap and water are essential to perform the job efficiently. Quality soft brush and squeegee with ideal blade and cloth sponge is best for solar panel cleaning and removing stubborn grime and dust easily. These are the perfect tool to manage cleaners safely on the ground.

You can use proper safety equipment and tools to attempt cleaning. Professional service is great practice for residential and commercial property owners to protect warranty and prolong solar panel life.

At Arise Solar, you can access the best assistance for cleaning dirt and grime build-up on the panel. Experts follow the best technique to deal with cleaning tasks and maximize efficiency.