Know The Best Sleeping Position After Occipital Cervical Plate


Neck surgery is unavoidable in the failure of other medical treatments. It is done to restore the functionality and instability of the neck. Only cervical operation won’t result in recovery to normalcy but it also requires proper diet and rest. Good sleep is of utmost necessity after Occipital Cervical Plate surgery for recovery. However, it’s daunting for patients to sleep properly because of a lack of comfort. A wrong position can lead to further complications and other issues. To minimize the pain and for a good sleep, follow the given below tips.

How To Get Into A Bed After Occipital Cervical Plate Surgery?

The patient needs to assure certain factors before getting into the bed.

  • Clean the incision and ensure it is appropriately dressed for avoiding bleeding during sleep.
  • Move carefully to the bed by placing the upper part of the body on the edge of the mattress.
  • In bed, ensure not to move swiftly or rotate your neck quickly
  • Keep the bedroom in a calm condition to avoid unnecessary stress or fear.

What Are The Best Position To Sleep After Occipital Cervical Plate Surgery?

Follows Doctor Recommendation If Any:

It is always good to follow the advice given by your surgeon. Even though you may feel difficult at the beginning, this will ensure your quick recovery. Nonetheless, ACL Screw Surgery it will help to revive back to normalcy in a shorter period.

Sleep On Back:

One of the best positions to reduce discomfort is to sleep on the back. This will avoid pain and protect the neck and spine. Keep your head, upper body, and hip aligned to support well and for quick recovery. Placing the feet flat by bending your legs while lying on your back is also a comfortable position.

Sleeping At Side:

Patients can also sleep on the side if they aren’t comfortable in the back position. Bending the legs on the side sleep position will also give the patient comfort. It is highly recommended not to sleep on the stomach as it will result in excessive strain and pain. Either sleep on your back or side for avoiding complications and unnecessary issues.

Place The Pillow Under The Head: 

Ensure to keep a pillow under the head for support after the cervical surgery. Don’t prefer a too low or high pillow for support as it will result in additional discomforts. Prefer the pillow that will keep the patient neck sinking to an angle below and up your shoulder. Also check the neck is in line with the spine for avoiding stress.

Wrapping Up

The above-given are the best sleeping position to follow after Occipital Cervical Plate surgery. MJ Surgical is the leading orthopedic implants and manufacturing company that supplies and exports world-class orthopedic instruments. We are the most trusted brand by healthcare experts and vendors all over the world. Our aim is to supply high-quality instruments and implants at affordable costs. To know more about us click on our website.