Kinesiology Tape For Lumbar Muscles


Have you ever heard about the treatment of kinesiology? It is an anatomical science treatment for recovering the injured muscles and skeletal movements. In this treatment, K-tape is used to increase endurance and energy for health by balancing physical wellness. By placing a piece of tape on the injured muscle will benefit you to recover soon.

If you have an injury or Illness problem that is problematic for you to functional mobility and regular activities, you can obtain kinesiology tape treatment. It helps you to achieve the previous level of wellness by treating the muscle problem without any medication or surgery. Take a closer look at how Kinesiology tape works and what that can do for your lumbar muscle.

How K-Tape differs from Athletic tape?

Though kinesiology tapes are available in different fancy forms and color as athletic tape, It is different from that. The KT (Kinesiology tape) designs to facilitate regular motions, spam, and inhibit pain.

Compared to the athletic tape, Kinetic tape gives the flexibility for the user to move comfortably. Athletic tape is not suitable to use on various injured muscles and to limit motion. The Kinesiology tape uses to improve blood circulation and increase flexible moves while using against the injured muscle.

What KT does for Lumbar Muscles?

As said, the physical therapist will suggest the kinesiology tape for the people who require it to attain their previous condition. The patients will assess if the tape is necessary with the contradictions to use in the right way. The period to use this tape will differ depending on the patient’s health but it is strong enough to use continuously for 5 days.

Shapes available in KT 

Depending on the body part and pain located surface, you can pick the suitable tape from the KT to spread over the area. Traditionally, three shapes are available in KT that use to seal a bond between skin and muscle. By verifying the purpose and significance of tape shape, you can pick the suitable one and avoid creating pressure points.

The shape I, Shape D, and Shape Doughnut is traditional in this tape to use for significant treatment. Before applying the tape on body parts, be sure the anchor should not stretch, avoid stretching more than instructed angle, and avoid bending or flexing the tape while tapping.

The health goals behind using Kinesiology tape

Generally, you heard this tape used for improving muscle performance and physical health. But, it also helps to realign muscle joint positions and may remodel the collagen tissue while they use it perfectly. Check out the more reasons why people are using K-tape with goals.

Disrupt the pain

Rather than spreading the tape over the Lumbar muscle, the gentle application will help the applicant to feel the pain dissipate.

Slows down inflammation

By applying the tape, your muscle allows oxygenated blood and lymphatic fluid circulation. It helps to flush out irritants. Therefore, inflammation will reduce muscle and fosters a speedy recovery.

Work against a contraction in muscles

This tape helps to get the proper posture in the affected muscle areas. The proper gentle tapping will function effectively to save lumbar muscle from over-contraction, extension, and cramping. Also, it strengthens the weak muscles by reducing the pain and fatigue over the muscle.

K-Tape for athletes

Not only the muscle injured patients, but athletes will also use the K-tape to prompt their performance. Athletes are using this tape to support their unstable joints and slight pressure in muscles. The goal of becoming independent and efficient of the athletes becomes true while using this K-Tape for increasing their stability and supporting their muscle strength.

Healing mechanism 

The term endogenous analgesic refers to internal pain. This K-tape enables the physical body to increase the self-healing mechanism to heal the pain automatically. Additionally, it works in the recovery process to heal the pain soon.

Treats orthopedic issues

K-taping is reported as the best tool to give positive effects on almost orthopedic issues and alleviate the pain from muscles.

The Final Takeaway

Talk to your orthopedic physician to make it more useful for your muscles health and pain by using it in the instructed way. Be sure not to apply or spread the tape over damaged or broken skin, oil applied surfaces, creams, and lotions.