Key Features of Foamex PVC Sheet


Foamex PVC sheet is much durable and made up of lightweight material. These sheets are predominantly used in the printing and designing industry to create high-quality advertising boards, signage, and scale models. There are multiple types of PVC sheets available depending on their grades, color, and sizes. AS per the bespoke requirements, the user can also get the cut to size pieces and shapes with the utilization of CNC cutting technology that most sheet experts admire.

The Foamex PVC sheet is manufactured with a blend of polyvinyl chloride and polyuria. The boards of foamex are a flat and non-porous surface that makes them suitable for digital flatbed printing. The material for Foamex PVC permits the excellent adhesion of ink and easy functionality with conventional cutting tools, paintings, and tools.

Some key features of Foamex PVC Sheet

Many features of the Foamex PVC sheet are mentioned below:

● Temperature – The best feature is its temperature resistance that can tolerate up to -10 degrees Celsius to +55 degrees Celsius, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes. But when these sheets are exposed to less than -10 degrees Celsius, they may have a brittle and harmful impact on the surface. Thus, a PVC sheet is not recommended for areas with fewer than -10 degrees Celsius.

Digital flatbed –  The PVC sheet is the best sheet for digital flatbed printing, lamination, and painting of advertisements.

Light-weighted – The Foamex PVC sheet is comparatively lighter than the weight of the uPVC plastic sheet.

Moisture resistant – PVC sheets are highly resistant to moisture and non-toxic. That is the reason that it will not shrink when introduced with the outer environment.

Best for every place – The PVC sheets can be used for outer purposes like office, house, a terrace, and internal purposes like interior designs of office, homely appliances, and many more. Because it is resistant to a wide range of temperatures.

Easy fabrication – The Foamex PVC sheet can easily be cut, bonded, or fabricated in the required shape and size.

Chemical resistant – PVC sheet is resistant to a chemical that does not react efficiently and does not create a toxic effect by responding to any chemical.

Excellent insulation – PVC sheets have the most superior insulation properties with high rigidity. It performs well with some specific chemicals.

Cost-effective – The PVC sheet is easy to work with and a cost-effective economical material that is best to use for sign making, which is used for a variety of purposes to give white, smooth, and even surface. These benefits allow this sheet to offer high-quality print results.

Applications of Foamex PVC sheets

These sheets are used for the following purposes by multiple industries are:-

● Direct printed
● Signs
● For purchase display
● Photo wall art
● Information notice boards
● Advertising boards
● Screen printing
● Flat cut letters and numbers
● Museum display ad many more

Foamex PVC sheet is a rigid and durable sheet that is being used for multiple purposes. It offers flexibility and is lightweight. These qualities make this more popular for art signs, artworks, or display backing. Wholesale Pos is a leading supplier of PVC sheets and a considerable fabricator and direct-to-substrate printer of white foam PVC boards in the required size and shapes.

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