The Importance of Height Safety in Melbourne


Working at heights takes place in a diverse range of industries and has a high probability for a person to fall and injure personally. Safety is the most important factor to be considered while working at heights. Industrial places have progressed significantly and safety is made mandatory for anyone working at heights and inclines. Melbourne gives utmost priority to safety and many companies provide height safety systems for their employees.

These systems are necessary to avoid accidents because the employees may fail to plan correctly and underestimate the risk involved in elevations. Choosing the right kind of height safety system mitigates the risk of accidents.

1. Roof access in industries

 There are various forms of roof access available for industries. The railing is a form of passive protection and easy to handle. There is no need to train the workers especially to handle it. These are available for every style of rooftops such as non-penetrating, parapet mountain railing, metal roof railing, and more. Roof walkaway equipment can be used when workers need to traverse flat or sloping roofs. They offer a stable platform for the workers to move on and also protects the surface.

Access hatches are the safest solutions available for roof access. They are available in various sizes and provides low-risk passage for people, tools, and material.

2. Static lines

A static line consists of a single tensioned steel cable and it is strung around the edge of an area where there is a high risk of fall. It offers an advantage that the user can move along the length of the line without having to be attached to a new anchor point as they move along. The user however should be aware of the potential fall distance and adjust the lanyard or rope length accordingly. The safety of a static line lies in its design and installation, so choose the right one before installing it.

3. Platforms and ladders

Platforms are constructed for walkway materials, guardrails, and designed in such a way that the safety system can be attached. They can span gasps or raise the working area closer to a plant and bears equipment that requires the use of a ladder. Platforms can be used to create a stable surface area where the original structure does not support one. They are also used to create a safe movement over pipes and other obstacles found on industrial floors.

Ladders can be used along with platforms and also in areas where permanent access is required to that elevation. It can be used to move along different levels in a building. They are available in different types like rung-type, step ladder, fold-down, etc.

4. Proper use of lifts

There are many reasons for a lift operation to be failed in industries. A person must properly be tied to the engineered point while working at an elevation. With scissor lifts the things are different where one must ensure the gates are properly closed or secure chain as the person is no longer protected by rails in these lifts. Precautions must be ensured while handling lifts

5. Personal fall arrest systems

Three main factors determine fall which includes frequency, duration, and location of work. One must calculate the minimum distance of fall clearance before using the safety systems. Do the research and determine what is necessary to protect oneself. Lanyards that are used must be selected properly. The PPE must be inspected before every single use, this step makes the difference between life and death. Whatever might be the personal assist system being used, the real challenge lies in the way a person handles it after getting trained.

Final thoughts

 Industries in Melbourne always ensure a risk-free working environment for the workers in all sectors. Selecting harnesses also lies in the quality, service, license, and experience of the company in the field of safety. The mentioned tips will be a useful guide for the employees and would help safe working.