How to Detox Your Body With Rife Frequencies


More than 7 million people die of cancer each year. It is known that toxins cause disease in the body, and it is believed that toxins play a major role in causing cancer. In 1900, the death rate from cancer was only 70 per 1,00,000 people.

Today that figure has doubled. It is believed that modern toxins (such as from modern agriculture or pollution) are partly responsible for the increase in cancer rates. Alternative medicine and home solutions such as detox boxes are becoming more popular as people become aware of the health benefits of the detox program.

Toxins are toxins that are by-products of certain organisms, such as bacteria. Sweating removes toxins from the body. For those who do not exercise frequently, toxins accumulate and become extremely dangerous to your health. Although exercise is always recommended, thousands of people are turning to The Detox Box using rife frequencies list as a method of detoxifying their bodies at home or through clinic sessions.

What is a detox box?
The way our body naturally gets rid of toxins is through sweat and urine. Athletes who have some unhealthy habits and run out every day and drink plenty of pure water can do a good job of keeping their toxin levels down naturally. The rest of us need to do something about it before the rest of our immune systems get so caught up in it that it lets our bodies break down on any weak links – possibly some kind of terrible disease contract.

The detox box is a fast frequency machine. More specifically, it is a machine that generates specially targeted electromagnetic frequencies to neutralize harmful toxins on the body. It may seem complicated, but Dr. Rife believes it is a very effective and sophisticated way to detoxify the body.

What is a detox box used for?
It helps in normal detoxification of the body. Certain reef frequencies can target certain health problems, such as acne or headaches. The accompanying guide has a selection of 450 auto-codes ranging from acne, headaches, stiff muscles and basic detoxification. You can choose auto-code for a specific program, although all auto-codes help in the general detoxification of the body.

How can I use rife frequencies?
After selecting the auto-code, you can hold the two steel cylinders in your hand or attach the electro pads to your hands or feet. Both options are equally effective, but the electro pad frees your hand so you can watch TV, surf the internet, or read a book while using it. You can use the detox box 3 times a week for just a few minutes at a time. While detox boxes are popular in alternative health clinics, many people are choosing to use them at home for convenience.

Where can I buy a rife frequencies list?
The rife frequencies list can be purchased from some alternative health clinics, chiropractors or acupuncturists. Or you can buy through an online retailer (which is usually cheaper).

The rage in home health care these days is detoxification. And for good reason! We are all accumulating toxins every day on our planet by being present in our current state. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink. Throw away an unhealthy habit like smoking or a cocktail at five o’clock and your bad body is being bombarded with naughty toxins.

If you don’t remove all the toxins that have accumulated today, they stay around and the toxins of tomorrow rise on them. It doesn’t take long before you collect them at an alarming rate. This can lead to very serious health problems. This is the reason why you are starting to see late night television commercials selling a lot of detoxification products.

Rife Frequencies-the best way to detoxify your body
The best way to detoxify is by using a rife frequency machine. These devices were invented by Dr. Rife in the 1930s based on the work of the Royal Raymond Rife. They showed that certain radio frequencies can safely destroy invasive microbes and unwanted growth cells without adversely affecting body tissues or cell structures and damaging the good bacteria in our system.

This is because each molecule actually resonates at a certain frequency, and distinguishes the frequency of toxins and bad bacteria that are only affected by those radio waves. This is the reason why an opera singer can break a wine glass without harming anyone or anything around him. Dr. Rife finally isolated 52 rife frequencies list that could be used to destroy certain unwanted cells, including tuberculosis and cancer.