Most Discussed Pros And Cons Of Porcelain Floor Tiles Melbourne


To build a sweet home and to make them complete with all essential products is a challenging one. The products and the materials to be used must be trustworthy and of quality products. Flooring and tiling of roofs and walls are an important part of completing the work of the home. So, one must choose the best out of the best tile that has a dazzling look and with the pro advantages.

Porcelain tiles are the commonly used tile on the floors and walls. There are several designs and variables with different styles and patterns are available on the market. And this is the one which can satisfy the customers economically and suits with every budget. But most prominently one must know the advantages and disadvantages of the Porcelain Floor tiles Melbourne before using them. Scroll down to get introduced to the most discussed pros and cons of this tile variety.

Porcelain Floor tiles Melbourne:

These are a type of vitrified tile and were not considered as the usual tile. It is because they were much often made with terracotta or stoneware. Later, it has been modified into dazzling styled tiles which are suitable for flooring and walls. There are glazed and unglazed types of this variety. At first glance, they may look like ceramic tiles and it is hard to find a difference between them. They both are made with a similar process and with similar products and so they look alike. Before using them for home appliances, one must know about the major difference and also about the pros and cons. Here are some of the points to be noted:

Advantages of Porcelain Tiles:

  • Liquid Resistance: This is one of the major points to be highlighted when selecting a tile. The porcelain tiles are denser than other tile variants, which made them less porous. They are most suitable for bathroom floorings as they are highly liquid resistant. As this tile shines so bright and resists the water and moist content, it is been utilized in damp areas.
  • Stain Resistant: This is an easy-to-clean type of tile. The stains will never get in to the tile but can be easily swiped off. So this is the most suitable option for the kitchen areas. It is the place where there are greater chances of getting food stains. By using this will reduce the work for cleaning. And also it really works with cleaning the wet mud and other stains.
  • Durability: It is a guaranteed high durable tile. It is less crackable as it is dense and can be used in the area of high traffics. This tile can withstand heavy materials upon them without any disturbances and cracks.
  • Low Maintenance: As it is highly durable and has a long-lasting lifespan, it comes under a low-maintenance tile variety. It can be washed easily and will remain glazed for a longer period.

Disadvantages of Porcelain Tiles:

  • High Cost for Installing: As it is denser, it is harder for the tillers to work with. So they demand a high cost for the installation. Most tile contractors deny the work of porcelain tiles, as they know it will be harder and will be difficult to install.
  • Weight: From the above con, it is clear that the contractors deny the work as it is denser and have more weight than the other tiles. It is even heavier than the ceramic tile and flooring woods. And it is too risky for the workers to do the task perfectly.
  • Grout: They are the filling used when installing the tile for water resistance. The grout may accumulate on the floor and can never be cleaned perfectly. This is one of the major disadvantages of this Tile.

Final Words:

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