Essential Home Renovation Tools You Need for Your Next Project


From smaller improvements to larger remodeling undertakings, no home renovation project can be completed without the right tools. However, it can often be difficult to decide which equipment you truly need, as there’s a specialized tool available for nearly every task. To make the decision a bit easier, the best strategy is to buy the necessary tools for the project at hand, and then fill your tool arsenal over time. To that end, here are some of the most essential tools you’ll need, depending on your planned home renovation tasks:

A hand tool selection

No matter the type of renovation you have planned, an extensive set of hand tools will be necessary for all your projects. Apart from a carpenter’s hammer and a utility knife, it would be wise to ensure you have several sizes of both slotted and straight screwdrivers, along with a variety of clamps, a set of wrenches, corresponding 3/8-drive sockets, and locking pliers. A cordless drill combined with a set of bits is essential for most work, while a hacksaw and some tin snips will take care of any metal cutting needs. Don’t forget to buy a good step ladder, as well as an extension ladder, to cover both indoor and outdoor work requirements.

Some electrical tools

While a basic tool kit might cover most of your electrical work needs, it’s worth investing in some other equipment that will make your next remodeling project a bit easier. Due to potential safety concerns, the most important tools you could buy are a circuit tester that will help to ensure the power is off, as well as a cable finder that will allow you to avoid cutting or drilling through wires. If you wish to go a step further, wire strippers can be great for removing wire insulation, while linesman’s pliers can be quite helpful for twisting wires together.

Plumbing equipment

Similar to electrical work, your hand toolkit is likely already equipped with the tools you’ll need for most plumbing work. However, if you plan on doing more detailed pipework, pipe cutters, sandpaper, and a propane torch are needed for most copper plumbing needs. If you’re working with PEX, on the other hand, you will need a PEX cutter, a ring crimper, and a PEX-clamp remover instead. When planning a big home renovation like replacing gas or solar hot water system make sure you contact experienced professionals. For example, hot water repairs in the Blue Mountains can help you not only with plumbing emergencies like blocked drain cleaning but also with the hot water system installation and gas leak repairs.

Roof repair equipment

In case your next renovation project includes replacing some shingles or fixing a particular leak, you will need some specialized tools to help you complete the job. For instance, roofing nail guns and hammers will allow you to efficiently place the shingles, while shingle cutters and tin snippers will ensure the materials are appropriately sized. However, safety is the most important aspect when working on a roof, which is why investing in some temporary roof anchor points is essential. Suitable for most types of roofs, these anchor points will help to connect lanyards, lifelines, and prevent you from falling, while being easy to remove, and not damaging the roof structure in the process.

Handy carpentry tools

If woodworking is an important aspect of your next project, you might need to invest in a more extensive saw collection, apart from your essential hand tools. For example, circular saws are great for straight cuts, jigsaws will allow you to cut curves as well as straight lines, while miter saws are best for trim work – simply decide on the ones that suit your project the most. But regardless of the renovation, some tools are always helpful, such as a level for ensuring straight lines, a rafter square for layout, as well as a chalkline for framing.

Regardless of the home renovation project you have planned, the detailed list of tools mentioned above will allow you to effortlessly handle a wide variety of improvement and remodeling work.