A Comprehensive Guide on Increasing Productivity at Work


Have you noticed that your productivity rate has decreased over the last few months? Whether you’ve been allowing procrastination to get the best of you or you’ve been working in a noisy environment, you’ll need to modify your working habits immediately. We’ve got a few suggestions that will help you make the most of your working hours and increase productivity in no time.

Keep your working space clutter-free

Clutter is just one of many productivity killers. So, the first thing you need to do when you come to the office is clear out your desk of everything you’re not actively using. Any paperwork, office supplies and stationery that you’d use on occasion belong in your drawers or other compartments. On top of that, keep everything that you’re using neatly organized to create the ultimate productive environment. If you know that you’ll be knee-deep in tasks right from the start of the day, de-clutter your office, before you go home. That way, everything will be neat and tidy in the morning, making you want to jump right on that Zoom call or tackle another admin task.

Prevent procrastination

Once the clutter is sorted, procrastination becomes the number one bad guy in your office environment. Scrolling through social media during a break, replying to text messages from friends and similar activities that do not fall under work-related tasks will take up precious time that you should use for your work-related tasks. That’s why you should keep the phone and all other non-essential items in your drawer or purse. Put the phone on silent so that the notifications don’t distract and tempt you to use it during work time. Keep your office door closed to prevent the associates from barging in whenever they want and thin that you can afford to be interrupted when they need you.

Create a comfortable ambience

How do you feel in your office? Does it make you want to get out of it even before you’ve stepped inside? If it does, then it’s time for a makeover. Some of the best New Zealand interior designers recommend implementing more plants and lights to create e warmer environment. Making an office cosy is also a good suggestion because you should feel at home and comfortable during work. Rugs will always add charm and cosiness to any room, so go online and search for best-quality rugs in NZ to find the best décor for your office. A home-like ambience is all you need to make every day at work more enjoyable and productive. An adjustable chair and a desk will prevent back and shoulder pain and offer full comfort.

Schedule breaks

Regular breaks are imperative when you want to be at your most productive. Working for too long will cause burnouts that will later result in low concentration and even lower productivity. So, to ensure the highest productivity at work, take regular breaks. The Pomodoro techniques helped many people stay on track with work by allowing them to work for 25 minutes and then take a five-minute break. Once you’ve worked for four 25-minute intervals, you can take a longer 15-20-minute break. Use this time-management technique to work with the time you have rather than to work against it. Use your breaks wisely to stretch your legs, hydrate and eat. Rest your eyes and try to stay away from your smartphone until the end of the working day.

Don’t forget to energise with food and drink

As mentioned, breaks will be perfect for grabbing something to eat and hydrate. Make sure you have some water to keep the sugar intake low and prevent unnecessary calory intake. Coffee is always good to boost your energy when you feel your energy levels are about to plummet. Fruits and veggies are always a good choice of snacks, as well as granola or muesli. They’re filled with fibre that’s beneficial for your body and mind. Feel free to enjoy some brain-boosting foods, such as blueberries, nuts, or eggs.

Don’t try to multi-task

Multitasking is another activity we advise you to skip if you plan to increase your productivity. Trying to accomplish several tasks simultaneously is the recipe for failure. You can get distracted and confused quickly, which can cause serious trouble if you mix up the necessary goals for every task. So, work on one to-do item at a time for maximum productivity. It’s much better to accomplish two tasks in a day brilliantly than to mess up just one.

Final thoughts

Staying productive may seem like an unattainable task, but with some discipline, you’ll be able to do it better than anyone. All you need to remember is that chaos never did good to anyone. So, clean out your working space and don’t multitask. Take regular breaks to avoid burnout and always keep your brain satiated and alert. Decorate the office for the highest productivity to always feel at home and make the most of every working day.