How to Find the Most Suitable Natural Stone Supplier


It is very important to get this clear first. There is no such thing as the ideal natural stone supplier. Every natural stone wholesaler or supplier with a thriving natural stones business must be having clients and customers who buy those stones from him. Rather, you need to find that natural stone supplier who can do justice to your paving or design project and deliver what you need to make the project a successful one.

Given below are a few tips that will help you find such a supplier/wholesaler of natural stones whose services and supply will suit your requirements and help finish your dream design and outdoor paving project:

  • Try finding one within your vicinity: Reason being, natural stones are heavy and get shipped and transported from the quarry/factory to the buyer’s mailing address. When you choose a supplier located in a far-off location, the process becomes very tedious and there is a serious chance of the stones being delivered to you broken. Choosing a natural stone supplier within your vicinity will also make it easy for you and your stonemason/contractor to visit the supplier, touch the product and check out all available colors & styles.
  • Try finding an experienced supplier: The business of natural stones is a niche business. Simply anyone cannot claim to be a market leader in this business as only with time does one acquire all the knowledge about cutting, finishing, polishing, sealing, coating and packing. It is not necessary for the supplier to have extensive practical knowledge of these. But having enough knowledge about these helps suppliers keep products ready that are in sync with prevailing market trends.
  • Try finding a certified supplier: When you visit the facility of a supplier, check for certificates and accreditations. You can also ask them to confirm the same online. Reason being, many local and global bodies and governments as well, carry certification courses that all suppliers must clear in order to continue operations. Moreover, they are only allowed to hire skilled labor, trained in operating a certain kind of machinery and carrying out certain kind of tasks.
  • Try finding out reliable references: There is so much to search for on the internet. In these times of social media, searches have only become more interesting. Experienced users are writing honest reviews and comments and review sites are also going to the extent of providing the contact details of reviewers just in case there is a need to do a double check. Another great way to search for the most suitable supplier is by attending national and international seminars where such suppliers often come and participate.
  • Try finding a supplier with a sizeable inventory: This will also help avoid falling into the short supply trap. A big inventory means that the supplier will have all sorts of stones in all sorts of colors and styles adequately stocked, meaning even if there is a shortage of supply it will always get covered. A big inventory eases the selection process and offers enough options to be as creative as one can be with respect to design.

Following these tips to select the most suitable natural stone supplier will make it easy for you to find out the supplier suiting your requirements to perfection.

Finding a natural stone wholesaler or supplier who understands your requirement and delivers on the dotted line is not that hard provided you follow a systematic approach.